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Welcome to Advance Fittings Corp. Elkhorn Wisconsin, USA  


We fabricated our first order for pharmaceutical fittings in 1985 before the ASME-BPE Standards were established. We contributed to the first ASME-BPE Standards Committee Meeting in 1900 and we are still active today. As a result, we possess a sense of DEDICATION to the industry, striving to insure quality over all. We continue to survive in a competitive market because we comprehend the needs and realize the GRAVITY of the markets we serve. A USA Fabricator utilizing Domestic Sources; we are Advance Fittings Corporation. "A Small Business with a Healthy Attitude".



The founder of Advance Fittings Corp. evolved from the food and dairy fitting industry with the “CONCEPT” to FOCUS primarily on pharmaceutical fittings. Unlike many companies from the 80’s who no longer exist, Advance fortunately, to this day, has never waivered from the original concept.
We started with 2 office and 6 shop employees which consisted of a Fabrication Manager, one lathe machine operator, one welder and 3 mechanical polishers. Manufacturing procedures we could not perform internally were outsourced, including electro polishing. As sales grew, so did our confidence. We added more machines, welding stations and mechanical polishing equipment. We became more self serving and less reliant on outside sources. Our pinnacle of success was achieved when we installed our own electro polishing equipment, providing a totally integrated manufacturing process. Some 25 years later, we average 40 employees and we continue to grow and improve by employing 21st Century machining and welding capabilities and developing polishing procedures that are proprietary and unique. Advance has achieved notoriety and status within the pharmaceutical industry for fabricating quality "Domestic End Products" and performance.  
Our "CONCEPT" has awarded Advance Fittings Corp. to be in the prestigious position of the “Last Soldier Standing” as the only USA company manufacturing  the complete size range of ASME-BPE Fittings and Custom Fabricated Components that qualify, when required, as a "Domestic End Product".


"We are Advance Fittings Corp; a USA fabricator located Elkhorn, Wisconsin."






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